Star Stable: Best Online Horsing Game


For animal lovers, there aren’t plenty games where the universe is dedicated to your pet. Most of the games where pets are included, they play a secondary role or are among customizations and additional features to complement the player’s personal style. In fact, coming up with a game that includes a variety of animals in order to have a reach a lot of potential players is kind of hard. It’s difficult to imagine a universe where these different characters can interact, defy each other and more.

The games that include this focus on this perspective only present basic features and are mostly destined to young categories of players. They also do not provide the gameplay nor the quality graphics that reaches the level of the modern gaming industry. Perhaps in the future, we may have the chance to get quality games destined to animal lovers.

In the meantime, there are some games that you probably never heard of that come up with the quality needed to satisfy the animal lovers. Entire dedicated universes from the animal you like, plus a competitive mode that gathers players from all around the world to defy each other. Yes these games exist, but do not enjoy the popularity they deserve.

Star Stable, as the name indicates, is a game about horses. You play the role of a horse rider in a universe fully dedicated to horse riding. Each player starts with a customized horse to engage the adventure. It’s better to go for the game’s quests instead of going on a solo adventure, it’ll help you to get Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings which are vital if you want to prosper.

There are different in-game quests that involve different aspects of the game. You’ll have the chance to discover new maps and areas throughout your game advancement. Once you have gathered enough resources to purchase your horse’s requirements and customizations that complement your personal style, you can take part in the competitive mode. The game is about Horse Riding, which means that competition is mainly about winning races against players from different parts of the world.