Star Stable: 3 Tips for new players


One the best way to gain knowledge is to benefit from other player’s experience in the game. That’s exactly what we have been doing to bring you some advices that’ll will help you in your Star Stable adventure.

Do not buy gear and outfit until level 10

Most of the valuable in-game assets and outfits gets unlocked at level 10. Save the resources you gather throughout your Star Stable adventure and wait until you reach that level to get yourself the gear and outfit you like.

Plus, when you are in the low level zone, you’re mostly getting familiar little by little with the game and discovering the different aspects of the game. So you’re not sure about the added value of the items you may purchase. It’s better to wait until you have a clear idea in mind about the game before completing purchases that may end up being useless.

Purchase Star Coins or Star Rider in special occasions

Offering additional Star Coins in special events and occasions is something very common in Star Stable. Keep yourself updated with the news and upcoming special events because they come with special discounts. You’ll save more money and gain more resources if you know when to seize the right opportunity.

Star Stable tend to have double Star Coins in weekends. This doesn’t necessarily happen every week end, but what’s sure is that these special offers occur within weekends. You’ll end up catching a better deal if you seize such opportunities rather than getting Star Coins on regular occasions.

The same thing goes for Star Rider, if you’re planning to get a lifetime membership, Star Stable comes up with many offers related to lifetime memberships. If you’re considering that option, it’s surely an excellent investment on the long term.

Complete your daily quests

I know this may seem somehow boring, but completing Star Stable daily quests will certainly have a positive impact of your overall performance. If you really to progress in Star Stable you’ll need dedication and devotion toward the game.

If you put some effort into completing your daily quests, you’ll notice the added value from these task on the long term. Of course, certain aspects of the game are more enjoyable but there’s also a real pleasure in achievements and seeing yourself progress.