We are a group of people passionate about video games, especially those who involves virtual interaction. We, as many players, find it a way to escape real life complexities and find the people that have the same thinking as us. We are also huge animal lovers. That is why we shifted our interests towards animal games like star stable, which provide a magnificent 3D animal experience.

It is mainly the madness of the gaming industry that pushed us to conceive this and other platforms. We are witnessing huge disparities in game due to the imposition of paid resources and their impact on the game.

We are aiming at giving every player the possibility to enjoy his time in front of his screen with having to go through depressive thoughts upon facing in-game disparities. Unfortunately, that is the bad impact that can this industry have on young players.

We put a lot of effort and time into building this platform, we hope that it will be of a great help for all our visitors. If you face any bugs or issues, please let us know through the contact